Hi, I'm Kate!

When I’m not helping business owners take control of their marketing, you can probably find me sitting over a good cup of coffee with my husband or watching football with my dogs nearby.

I was born in Scotland, from a long line of entrepreneurs. From my great-grandparents down to my parents, business ownership runs in the family. And after being exposed from such a young age, there’s something about it that doesn’t ever leave you altogether. 

But, when I walked out of U of A, a new graduate with a double degree in Business Economics and Management Information Systems, my head was somewhere else entirely.

My first jobs out of college were in TV and radio.

During this time, when I was covering events for Arizona sports teams, I ended up on the path that would eventually lead me back to entrepreneurship.

At the time, social media was still new, and social media marketing didn’t really exist. I began taking a camera to sporting events to cover the individual stories — the fans and the tailgate parties — and began posting it on social media. I quickly found out that the stories drew other people in as well. 


So, I made it my project, creating accounts for the station and managing their social media. Until one day, I realized I didn’t want to be on-air. I wanted to do marketing.

When the opportunity presented itself, I made the switch to a social media marketing position at a start-up company. From there, the ball started rolling. I combined my media knowledge with everything I was learning on the go and found myself in Public Relations, Networking, and Social Media. I connected with big names like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal – all the while learning to perfect the art of storytelling and the need for strategic planning.

Soon, I could feel the urge for another change.

My work with business owners, freelancers, marketing agencies, and in-house marketing teams had shown me a need. I saw first-hand the frustration that business owners faced with marketing. There’s so much involved, and it’s constantly changing. Business owners don’t have time to keep up on that – they’ve got a business to run! 

But traditional alternatives, like marketing directors and marketing agencies, come with their own set of problems. With salaries starting around $136k per year plus benefits, Marketing Directors are out of reach for many businesses. But many marketing people often prove themselves untrustworthy, leaving business owners wondering if they are actually getting their money’s worth (SPOILER: They usually aren’t!).

The result is a mess for business owners, who are stuck choosing between trying to do it themselves or risking flaky vendors always looking for an upsell.

There had to be a better way.

The obvious answer was that businesses needed an advocate between their company and vendors. Someone guiding them in decision-making, educating them about marketing, and helping them find quality vendors.

So I set out with the goal of helping business owners:

Cut flaky vendors and agencies looking for an easy payday.

Manage their image and reputation to attract the clients they need.

Feel confident in their ability to make critical marketing decisions.

I've been fortunate to work with business owners just like you, advocating, strategizing, and educating, so they can work smarter – not harder. 

I built my company with YOU in mind. Schedule your discovery call today and find out how I can help.

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